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Disposition Options With Cremation
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Value of Funeral Service

We pride ourselves on the service we provide to each family that we serve, personalized every time.

We will help you to showcase your special memories of your loved one; such as a hunting or fishing display, quilts or crafts that the loved one had made, their favorite music playing in the background, photographs, awards or whatever may suit your family's needs and wishes.

We also offer Video presentations created with your family photos and favorite songs for background music.

Our funeral home offers a complete range of funeral service options. Each family is provided with the opportunity to learn about and to discuss the wide variety of services available to them.

Grief Counseling:
Our certified Grief Counselor and Licensed Funeral Director, Timothy A. Thelen is available to assist you through your grief journey.

For assistance, contact our director team:

John E. Kojis and Marc Marseo


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