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Our family has served the area for over 150 years. We provide personal service to every family that we serve. We are large enough to give our families the same service as the largest funeral homes around, yet we are small enough that each family gets the level of attention and care they deserve.

 A. Donald Buffington
Former Owner
Donald Buffington is the former owner of the Buffington Funeral Home. His family has served the area since 1929. The Buffington Funeral Home was founded by his father A.R. Buffington, in Valley View, Pa, in 1929.
 Joyce Buffington

Joyce is the wife of Donald Buffington. She has assisted her late father in law, husband, and the current owner with arrangements and funeral services.
 Cathy Reed
Cathy is the wife of Jim Reed. She provides our secretarial services and also assists at services.
 James A. Reed, Jr.
Jim has owned the Buffington-Reed Funeral Home since 1989. He has been a licensed Funeral Director since 1982. His family has a long history of providing funeral services to this area. His great great grandfather began serving area families in Pillow, Pa in 1855.

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