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Our firm offers the highest quality caskets available made by Aurora Casket Company. Aurora Casket Company, like Buffington-Reed Funeral Home, is family owned and operated. Aurora Caskets are unsurpassed in quality and detail. All of our caskets can be personalized to provide a meaningful tribute to your loved ones life.

Video Tributes Now Available
We now offer our families the option of having a Video Tribute made of their loved one. The video is composed of 20-25 photos that depict the life of your loved one. The photos are set to a musical theme of your choice. The video is played during visitations and prior to the funeral or memorial service. A complimentary DVD copy of the video is given to the family. Additonal copies are available for purchase. A complimentary copy of the video is also available for viewing for sixty days on our website obituaries.

Custom Printed Material Now Available.
We offer over sixty different styles of Memorial Folders. A folder can easily be selected that reflects upon your loved ones life. We also offer over thirty styles of Memorial Register Books. All of our printed material can be personalized with individual photos of your loved one or your family.

We also offer the highest quality cemetery memorials available, Rock of Ages. Rock of Ages memorials are guaranteed to withstand the elements forever!
Rock of Ages Cemetery Memorials

We offer concrete burial vaults from Doric Vault Company.Doric Vaults and Metel Air Seal Vaults from the Clark Vault Company.Clark Burial Vaults

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Rock of Ages Memorials


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