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Reasons to Prearrange a Funeral

A death in the family is always stressful to the survivors. They must cope with their grief, interrupt their normal routines to attend to the details of a visitation and funeral, and begin adjusting to life without the person who died. In most cases, families also have the added burden of actually planning the funeral. But you can remove some of the emotional burden from your family by planning your funeral ahead of time. In fact, there are several advantages to prearranging a funeral-a practice that's becoming more and more common.

For some families, it is easier to deal with the issue of death and make arrangements in an atmosphere that is not charged with the grief and trauma of the moment, according to the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA). Prearranging ensures that you will have exactly the kind of funeral you want. Grief counselors say families take comfort in knowing that their loved one's funeral reflects their wishes. Prearranging also prevents grief-stricken relatives from having to make decisions that can be difficult, given the circumstances.

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