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Financing options for preplanning | Why Pre-Plan Funeral Services | Frequently Asked Questions |

Thank you for visiting the preplanning portion of our website. Preplanning is something that we at Fox Cities Funeral & Cremation Services strongly believe in. Today more families are planning their funeral in advance. Preplanning or prearranging is simply taking care of your service details before the need arises. Have you thought about your preference, burial or cremation? Traditional funeral or simple memorial service? You can also personalize the songs that are played, the verses that are read, the location of your service, clothing you prefer and anything else that is important to you.

You maybe asking yourself, “Why should I preplan?”

Simply put, you are making your wishes known. Your family and friends don’t have to guess what you want when you share your thoughts with them. And, putting it in writing, you can be sure you’ll get the service you have planned for.

Preplanning is easy, we have broken it into three simple steps.

1. Collect personal information. Gather all the facts that you will want people to remember: your biographical information, career, hobbies, family and friends. Any special interests you have to help make your service even more meaningful for those who attend.
2. Making arrangements. When you are ready, you can sit down with a planning professional who will explain the various options available. A statement of your service selections will then be kept at the funeral home until needed.
3. Prefund your funeral. Funeral prices like other things increase. Prefunding your services at today’s prices, you can be sure that the money will be there to cover tomorrow’s funeral costs.

If preplanning and prefunding arrangements is something you are interested in, please feel free to contact us. One of our preplanning specialists, or funeral directors, would be happy to answer any questions you may have and will assist you in deciding which funding options best suit your needs. Call (920)966-9000 or e-mail foxcitiesfh@gmail.com today to schedule a free no obligation consultation.

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