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Keith Alan Fuller

Online Memorials

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hey uncle keith hope you grandma and poppy are doing good up in haven im doing good but me and my girlfriend do sometime have fights but not all the time we're trying our best not to get into fights and my mom and me we're doing good i just wish i knew why she so mad at the world will have to go love you guys alot peace out bud
From: ryan w fuller aka john w connor    10/14/2010 12:27 AM

hey uncle keith hope you and poppy are having fun up there. i miss you so much i wish you were still here with us and hey when everything with me has been done i'm going back to bowling so you better watch out because the planetx bowlingball is coming out to play next school year we all love you uncle keith peace out
From: ryan (-boo-)    06/05/2010 02:26 PM

Dear big brother,I miss you so much.I love all my other brothers very much,but we always had that special bond.I could always tell you everything and you never made fun of me or put me down.When daddy died you helped me through it everyday.You gave me space to grieve, and made sure I was okay after I would have one of my many 100 crying spells everyday.I will always be your biggest fan.Don't worry about Claire we'll always be here for her.Like mommy tells her everyday she'll always have a place to live here.Mommy,Ryan,and I will be ok.So will Claire.I also want you to know I never held your past against you,like other people did.You always did the best you could.Always know your nephew will make you proud like you both always talked about.Ryan misses you and daddy terribly.We talk about you both everyday.Make sure you tell daddy we love him so much and miss him tremendously.You too.Love you big brother.Daphne
From: daphne fuller    03/09/2010 08:05 PM

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