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Koehler Funeral Home has served Warrick County since 1895.
The business began when John A. Billups and his wife Sara Campbell, first opened a funeral home business in the late 1890's under the original name "John A. Billups Undertaker."
Billups spent a required six weeks to become a mortician in the 1890s.
Established in 1895. Koehler's is one of the oldest funeral homes in Warrick County.
The first location was in downtown Tennyson, between all the other shops in town.
The Billup's owned a furniture store, that served as a funeral parlor as well.
By 1895, Phillip Werry became a full partner and the "Billups and Werry Funeral Home" was formed.
In 1912, Billups and Werry decided to move their practice to Third Street in Boonville, only two blocks from the center of town.
Billup's had purchased a narrow building, that was once owned by Bob Raibley and had been a furniture store.
The partnership died out, as the Werrys moved to Poseyville and started their own funeral home under the name of P.C. Werry and Son.
In a record book from Billups Bros. funeral records and Billups and Lawhead funeral record, it states that on October 1, 1913, Billups made a partnership with a man named John Ellison.
On July 8, 1914, it states that Ellison had half interest in the undertaking business of Billups.
In 1917, he decided to move the business once again to Walnut Street.
That same year, the funeral home purchased their first motorized hearse to take the place of horse-drawn hearse.
Brothers Herman and Louis Koehler took over the business in 1930, from Louis' father-in-law Billups.
They renamed the business Koehler Brothers Funeral Home.
In 1930, there were five funeral homes in Warrick County: two in Boonville, and one in Lynnville, Elberfeld and Newburgh.
The Koehler Brothers Funeral Home was completely remodeled in 1931. A new showing room was built, a sitting room and an embalming room.
In 1940, the business moved yet a third time in Boonville to a large two-story white house at 304 East Main Street, and has been the location for Koehler's since.
The home was owned originally by the Weyerbacher family and was built in 1892.
Charles Koehler, grandson of Billups, took ownership of the funeral home in 1969, and changed the name to Koehler Funeral Home.
He spent one year in Indianapolis, and graduated in 1936 as a mortician.
When Charles took over, he had a wing built on to the east side of the building, and later in 1989 another wing was added onto the west side of the funeral home.
Today, there are several funeral directors at Koehler's. Jim McAlpin and Richard Dillingham own the funeral home.
McAlpin and Dillingham joined the partnership in 1984.
Charles Koehler found the time to retire, although he was still active with the funeral home and did some of the paperwork before he passed away in 2007.
In August of 1994, Koehler's purchased Perigo Chapel in Chandler from Don Perigo and made it part of the Koehler business.
In August of 1998, the new Perigo Chapel was opened at the present location 7022 Heim Road in Chandler, IN.
Koehler Funeral Home is proud to serve the families of Warrick County.

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