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Helping Your Family Create Meaningful Funeral Services…

Death can be an overwhelming experience. Our dedicated staff will assist you with the necessary arrangements involved in planning a funeral. Our experience and attention to detail will help you through this difficult time.

Funerals are important rituals that help us face the death of someone close to us. They confirm the reality of death and serve as a focus to help us express our feelings of loss.
A funeral gives us the opportunity to remember the person who died and to say "goodbye."

A Meaningful Funeral Will….

1.) Brings together family and friends that will provide emotional support, compassion and comfort to the bereaved family.
2.) They help us express our grief in a safe setting.
3.) They let us share good memories,experiences, tributes and appreciation for the life of the deceased.
4.) They help us acknowledge the reality of death or to say goodbye, provides closure.
5.) They allow for the expression of faith.
6.) They provide us with a sense of continuity…that life goes on.
7.) They encourage our acceptance of loss and help us to heal.

Funerals are a "Celebration of Life" that a life
was lived, they provide opportunity for family, friends and the community to gather together and remember this individual. Virtually everyone who comforts family and friends at a visitation and attends a funeral experiences a profound sense of their importance and helpfulness.

More than endings, funerals are bridges of transition. A properly planned funeral service can help families and friends cope with the loss of a loved one. Whether you choose traditional or contemporary ceremony, a funeral provides a profound experience that ultimately aids in the grieving process.

As a family owned and operated funeral home, we pride ourselves in offering a final tribute that best fits the spiritual, emotional and economic needs of your family. Regardless of your service selected, you can expect personal service and attention to detail that will make your service a memorable and meaningful tribute.

There are three basic ingredients to the funeralization process. First of all a form of final disposition of the body must be decided upon. The second decision is the type of service desired, and the third decision is the type of merchandise needed to accommodate the service.


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