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For your convenience and information

Our desire is that while you are here at our funeral home, you and your guests feel as comfortable here as you would in your own home. We will have staff greet your guests at the front door, open the door for them and offer to hang their coats. We will suggest they sign the guest book and will show them where to place their memorial cards.

Purses and valuables

There are several areas where the women may safely guard their purses from the public. A locked memorial box will be utilized and available by the registration area at the funeral home. The memorial envelopes will be picked up periodically during the visitation by us or a member of our staff and be held in a locked filing cabinet in the business office. If the visitation is at a location other than the funeral home, a locked memorial box will be available to ensure your cards and envelopes are secure.

Dress/appropriate attire

We suggest you dress in layers. The heat and air conditioning temperatures can fluctuate by the number of people in attendance. Since you may be standing for long periods of time, we suggest you wear comfortable shoes. It certainly is permissible to discard your shoes under the couch and wear slippers or walk around in your stockings

Handicapped entrance - Restrooms

There is a handicapped entrance and parking available on the west side of the building. If you or your guests need help, simply let us know. There is a handicapped unisex restroom on the first floor. In addition to this restroom, there is one available on the lower level next to the lounge.


During the visitation we will be serving freshly brewed coffee for your convenience. We will have both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee available. If you desire hot chocolate or tea, simply let us know. There is also a water cooler for your use on the main floor of the funeral home. We will make sure you have fresh water available during the visitation as it is not uncommon for your mouth to become dry from talking to all your guests. In addition to water, we have peppermint mints available throughout the building for your convenience.


On the lower level, we have available a lounge with TV, VCR, refrigerator, microwave, tables and chairs for your use. We encourage you to bring in snacks, sandwiches, soda, etc. for the visitation or post funeral snack. If you bring in food, we suggest you consider: paper plates, napkins, plastic cups, etc. The refrigerator is stocked with Pepsi, diet Pepsi and Seven Up. A goodwill offering of $.50 per can of soda is suggested. If you desire, you can use the refrigerator and bring in your own soda or juice.

If children are going to use the room during the visitation/service, we suggest they be supervised by an adult. We encourage the same rules of conduct, etc. you have at your home should be enforced here as well. If you elect not to supervise your children, there may be a charge for broken and damaged tables, chairs, etc. as well as a charge for unnecessarily soiled items. If you would like a baby sitter, one can be arranged for $10.00 per hour. Because some small children have a hard time sitting still, you may want to take them to the lounge for the funeral service.


Because you may have been away from Omro for awhile and also because we have a tendency of changing appearance through the years, some families have chosen to wear name tags. We suggest the immediate family; especially adult children wear name tags indicating name and relationship to the deceased. This is a nice way of not making your guests feel uncomfortable guessing who you are.

Family Privacy

Our service to your family is very private and strictly confidential. We will never divulge telephone numbers, addresses, cause of death, or any family dynamics with anyone! When people call here to ask for your telephone number and address, we simply request their telephone number and or address and inform them we will forward this information on to you. If they are sending a sympathy card, we ask they send it to us, and we will forward it to you.


A funeral home is a gathering place for all generations, both young and old to gather. Because of this, we have chosen to make the funeral home a smoke free environment. We realize this can be very stressful time and for some, smoking can help calm them. For those choosing to smoke, we respectfully ask they do so outside. There are two outside smoking areas for your convenience. One in the front of the funeral home and one in the rear of the funeral home by the handicapped entrance.

Special accommodations

Since each family is different and unique, your family may need or desire special accommodations. If this is the case, please feel free to communicate with us what they may be. We will make every attempt to make sure they are fulfilled.

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