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Many people have questions that they may or may not feel comfortable asking their funeral director. We hope this will be of some help to you and if you think of something else you would like us to add to this list of questions, please contact us by email or telephone.

WHAT DO WE DO IF OUR FAMILY DEATH OCCURS AWAY FROM HOME? Our funeral home staff will arrange with another funeral home or mortuary, where the death occurred, to have preparation and transportation made back to our funeral home. We can also help you if you are planning to have a service prior to having the family member returned to your home area.

WHY IS A FUNERAL IMPORTANT?  For thousands of years, funerals have allowed survivors to express their feelings about the death of someone they love. The rituals provide comfort when things seem chaotic and out of control. The funeral is for expressing intense grief. For many, a visitation followed by a funeral or memorial service is the first step in the grieving process. It is a time when friends, family and other guests can come together to grieve openly and to support one another in a community environment. It is also a time to say good-bye. Viewing the deceased can bring a sense of closure to the bereaved who may be in shock and denial.

Transfer the deceased to the funeral home (anytime day or night)
Help to notify proper authorities,
Arrange and prepares death certificates
Work with the insurance agent, social security or Veteran's Administration to ensure that necessary paperwork is filed for receipt of benefits
Prepare and submit obituary to the newspapers of your choice
Prepare the deceased for viewing including embalming, dressing and cosmetizing
Assist the family with funeral arrangements and purchase of casket, urn, burial vault and cemetery plot
Schedule the opening and closing of the grave with cemetery personnel, if a burial is to be performed
Coordinate with clergy if a funeral or memorial service is to be held
Order funeral sprays and other flower arrangements as the family wishes
Provide Aftercare, or grief assistance referral, to the bereaved

WHAT IS EMBALMING?  It is a process that sanitizes and preserves. It delays the decomposition process and allows time for viewing and services by the family prior to burial or cremation. It restores a life-like appearance to the deceased and can enhance the appearance of someone that has undergone a traumatic death or illness. This process can take anywhere from one to three hours to perform.

IS EMBALMING REQUIRED WHEN A PERSON DIES?  No, however most funeral homes insist on embalming under certain circumstances, such as open casket visitation. If the deceased is to be directly buried or cremated, embalming is not necessary.

IF I CHOOSE TO BE CREMATED, CAN I HAVE A FUNERAL? Yes, cremation can take place either before or after a funeral depending on what type of service you choose. You can have a viewing, funeral/memorial service or burial of the cremated remains.

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