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Be Prepared
Not just a Boy Scout Motto, but for most of us, a way of life. We buy auto and fire insurance for events that MAY never happen. Doesn’t it make even more sense to plan for something that WILL happen? Most of us do not like to think about it, let alone talk about it. It is uncomfortable. But wouldn’t it be comforting to know that by planning ahead, the burden would be lifted from your family? By expressing your wishes, selecting merchandise, and pre-funding to protect from rising costs, you would be giving your family a gift of reducing their emotional and financial stress during their grieving time.

Pre-planning your funeral can be very informal, and as simple as jotting down your preferences and sharing your wishes with a family member. More formal arrangements in the form of a preneed contract can be set up with us and can be pre-funded through life insurance or bank trust agreement.

Saving Money

Inflation is a fact of life. Costs rise. The insurance policy purchased when you first married may no longer be enough to pay final expenses. Preplanning and pre-funding a funeral may beat inflation. There are two different kinds of pre-funding vehicles available today, bank trusts or insurance trusts. Andy, our preplanner, is an excellent resource and can work with you at no cost or obligation, answer all your questions, and help you determine if pre-funding makes sound financial sense for you.

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