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Paddio, Dwight Daniel
Paddio, Lisa
Parsons, Louis Franklin
Patin, Clarence
Patin, Juanita
Pavlu, Leroy Ladis
Pavlu, Aline
Pearce, Lawrence
Pelsia Hebert, Amy
Perales, Leroy "Chief"
Perry, Rosella
Perry, John V.
Perry, Martha
Perry, Sandra
Perry, Lloyd
Perry, Robert Dwayne
Perry, Marguerite "Sugar"
Person, Joel Jerome
Petry, Patrick
Picard MacDanel, Anna May
Porter Oliver, Marion Davie
Potier, Ernest Ronnie
Pousson, Eunice
Pousson, Gloria Faye Oliver
Prejean, Carroll James
Price, Idella
Price, Goldie Ann
Primeaux, Alice
Prouty, Elvie

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