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Richard Hoefer

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I am so sorry to hear about Dicks death. I've known Dick for alot of years. We were friends with Thelma VanHorn, who owned Cookies Cafe in west Davenport. There were a bunch of us who would just love to hear Cookie and Dick get into an arguement. He would just tease her to get her mad. We had alot of fun back then. He will be missed.
From: Esther Ford    05/12/2004 01:03 PM

I am so sorry to hear of Dick's death. It was a totally suprise when I read it in the paper. He is in our Prayers. I just know him from shopping at the grocery store. He came in about every day. We always joked around. And he was just in there on Thursday. He was a great guy. He always made me laugh. I will miss him very much. Now I have nnno one to pick on. He was always trying to pull a fast one on us girls. He always bought cigars, tic tacs and beer. What a guy. He will be missed.
From: Nancy Meyer    05/11/2004 10:20 PM

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