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Tapps, Virgil
Tatman, Darrold
Taylor, Mildred "Millie"
Taylor, Margaret "Kathy"
Teigland Johnson, Louise
Terveer, Mary
Theesfeld, Steve
Thiel, Hazel
Thompson, Anna
Thompson, Kathleen
Thompson, Justin
Thompson, Monte
Thomsen, Adeline
Thoreson, Valerie
Tifft, Bertha Louise
Titus, Zeek Lee
Tonderum, Shirley
Torreson, Donald
Tow, Helen
Trick, Violet
Trick, Leonard
Tubbs, Cora
Tunnicliff, Richard "Dick"
Turck, Marty
Turck, Robert "Bob"
Twait, Dorothy
Twait, M. Nona
Twait, Mark

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