The Cremation Association of North America (CANA)


The Cremation Association of North America, or CANA, was founded in 1913. This international association, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, has over 1,200 members, including cemeterians, cremationists, funeral directors, industry suppliers, and consultants. CANA members believe that cremation is preparation for memorialization.

The Cremation Association of North America has generously allowed us to excerpt content from their materials and their Website. The information published here has been created by CANA to provide information and express the views of its members. CANA members are pledged to further the high standards of the cremation service, to present the concept of cremation on the highest level of integrity and to emphasize the importance of proper memorialization.

CANA encourages its members to manage their crematories in a manner that will assure the process of cremation is not only a means whereby the deceased human body is transformed into its basic elements but also that the body is afforded respect and dignity during cremation and after the process is completed. It is therefore incumbent upon CANA's members to provide clean and efficient facilities, to keep accurate records, to protect the integrity of the cremated remains, and finally, to encourage some form of commemoration of the life of the deceased.

The Cremation Association of North America believes:

In dignity and respect in the care of Human Remains, in compassion for the living who survive them, and in the Memorialization of the dead;

That a Cremation Authority should be responsible for creating and maintaining an atmosphere of respect at all times;

That the greatest care should be taken in the appointment of crematory staff members, any of whom must not, by conduct or demeanor, bring the crematory or cremation into disrepute;

That cremation should be considered as preparation for Memorialization;

That the dead of our human society should be memorialized through a commemorative means suitable to the survivors.

For more on the Cremation Association of America, please visit their Website, or contact them at:

401 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60611
Phone: 312.644.6610
Fax: 312.321.4098

This information was last updated September 1, 2000.


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