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How Children Cope With Grief
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The Grieving Process
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Coping Through the Holidays After Losing a Loved One

At Sam Houston Memorial Funeral Home, our concern for the families we serve goes beyond the day of the service. In our Grief Support section, we have attempted to provide you with helpful guidance on grief matters.

All categorized, we hope that we can provide insight and direction on what to do, and where to turn.

Above all, remember that grief is a natural part of the healing process which everyone experiences. While we may deal with it in differing ways, you are not alone in your feelings. Accept this, and be gentle on yourself.

Stepping Stones is a continuing care program provided by our funeral home. A time of loss is a difficult and emotional experience, and we want to be here for you not only for the funeral service, but for your healing process as well. Stepping Stones is a completely free service to anyone in our community experiencing grief. You won't be overwhelmed by more information than you need--upon signing up, you will receive just the right amount at the right time. Loss is not something we "get over" in a few weeks or is a process, and a wound that may never heal completely. Upon signing up, each month you will receive an email containing encouraging newsletters and helpful tools and resources to help you cope with grief and loss. These emails and newletters offer hope on your journey through the wilderness of grief.

All we need to get started is your email address. The newsletters and Stepping Stones information will then be sent to you automatically. Click this link to sign up:
Stepping Stones

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