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Burial Vaults
Products for Cremation Families
Quality Caskets to Honor Your Loved One

To help you create a loving and memorable service for your loved ones we will provide quality merchandise at a reasonable price. Many products can be personalized to reflect the life and interests of your beloved family members.

Understanding today's uncertain economic atmosphere, we have a wide variety of casket and vault offerings in all price ranges. Your funeral director will assist you in selecting the items that best meet your needs.

We offer a variety of caskets in both full couch and half couch. Caskets are available in various wood and metal materials. We offer in our selection rooms wood caskets constructed of Poplar, Oak, Hickory, and Cherry and can order wood caskets in Pine, Maple, Mahogany, and Walnut for express delivery from what we consider the premier manufacturer of hardwood caskets, Clarksburg Casket Company.

Metal caskets offered in our selection rooms include caskets made of Carbon Steel of varying gauges, Stainless Steel and Copper and feature products from the Aurora Casket Company and Matthews Casket Company.

Casket prices range from $ 903.00 for a cloth-covered wood and wood composition shell to $ 8,253.00 for a 32-Ounce Solid Copper Casket.
(A complete list can be supplied by the funeral home upon request)

Outer Burial Containers

We offer outer burial containers including the basic Steel Grave Liner, Steel and Concrete Vaults, and Stainless Steel and Copper Vaults as well as Stainless Steel and Copper lined Concrete Vaults. Manufacturers represented include the C. and S. Vault Company, manufacturers the Sozonian and Clark Grave Vaults, Wilbert Burial Vault Company and Jefferson Memorial Park.

Outer burial containers range in price from
$ 840.00 for a standard Steel Grave Liner to
$ 1188.00 for a standard Sozonian 12 Gauge Steel Vault, to $ 11,365.00 for the Clark 12 Gauge Copper Grave Vault. Concrete grave vaults are available from $ 1036.00 for the Jefferson Memorial Park Brand "Ambassador" Vault to $ 9550.00 for the Wilbert Vault Company's "Triune" vault.
Steel grave liners and vaults are available in sizes up to 42" x 94" inside measurement and in infant sizes as small as 3'.
(A complete list can be supplied by the funeral home upon request.)
(In most areas of the country, no state or local laws require you to buy an outer burial container for the casket. However, many cemeteries require that you have such a receptacle to prevent settling of the ground at the grave site. Either a burial vault or grave liner will satisfy these requirements.) (Please note that wooden grave liners are no longer available locally or regionally. Steel grave liners are offered as an alternative.)

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