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Professional, Personalized and Affordable Services

We are committed to you and your personal preferences as we work together to design funeral or cremation services to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. When making arrangements you have unlimited options. The most important thing is to create a farewell event that is meaningful and satisfying to you and your family.

Funeral Service with Visitation and Burial

Includes services of funeral director, and professional staff for coordinating, personalizing, and directing the funeral service, preparation and filing of legal documents, and other paperwork necessary to complete the arrangements: removal from the place of death to the funeral home (within 50 miles); embalming and sanitary care of the remains; dressing, casket, cosmetics; facilities for up to four hours of visitation; the service at our facility or set up at a church or other location; funeral coach, family transportation and service van; graveside service.

Cremation Choices

Cremation services include the personal attention of the funeral director on-site throughout the entire process insuring that your needs will be met with the highest standards of care, comfort and accountability. You still have the option of visitation and funeral services if you wish or you may chose direct cremation with no services or rites. Options for the ashes from the remains include burial on the family plot, scattering of the ashes, placement in an urn to be kept at home, or placed in a another location.

Personalized Combinations

We will work with you to design and deliver any combination that will meet your individual needs.

A Choice in Services - A Choice in Budgets


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