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Our Funeral Directors have many years of pre-planning experience. In fact, we were offering and writing preneed contracts before preplanning was commonplace. Over the years, many families have entrusted their prearrangements to us.

A prearrangment can be as simple as placing a letter of instruction in our file or may be as complete as pre-selecting goods and services and pre-paying all these expenses. Pre-payment may be by single payment or a monthly payment plan established through either Forethought Insurance or Homesteaders Life Insurance for a period of 3 to 20 years.

These insurance plans are "guaranteed issue" insurance which means no one can be turned down or have the monthly premiums rated-up because of health problems. There are simply no health questions to answer for a guaranteed issue policy. However, if those without health problems can answer a few simple health questions they may qualify for "first day" coverage. This offers complete coverage for all contractually specified funeral expenses from the first day. Guaranteed issue insurance plans usually have a limited benefit period of two years before the policy will pay full face value.

In addition to the "guaranteed issue" and "first day coverage" features, both Forethought and Homesteaders plans are "inflation guarded". This means the death benefit will increase in value as prices rise due to inflation. Most insurance plans only offer a specifically determined face value which will never increase during the insured's life time. Many times these traditional life insurance policies are not paid up until the insured reaches age 99. Forethought and Homesteaders plans will be paid up in a definite period of time. Plans may be funded with a one time payment for the total amount or for monthly payments from 3 to 20 years.

In most instances we recommend our preneed contracts be made "Irrevocable." This means the funds are removed from the insured's asset pool and therefore cannot be counted against them if, for example, they are applying for Department of Human Resource assistance when confined to a Nursing Home.

All funeral homes selling preneeds in the state of West Virginia are regulated by the WV Attorney General's office and all funded preneeds are registered with them.

Our staff of licensed Preneed Counselors can tailor a preneed to suit any economic situation. If you would like to discuss preneed with us you can either click the link at the bottom of the page and submit the form or call one of our locations.

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