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From Rev. Shirley Donnelly's Yesterday and Today column, we have this wonderful gem of genealogical information.


Mrs. Bess Harvey Rule, granddaughter of the Confederate Captain W.D. Thurmond, had in her possession the Muster Roll of the Company of Partisan Rangers commanded by this redoubtable leader of Civil War times. These are the name of those who composed that noted company:

Captain: William D. Thurmond
1st Lieut: W.L. Bibb
2nd Lieut: R.C. Thurmond
3rd Lieut: John T. Ross
1st Sergeant: Jos. Acord; mustered 19 Sept 1862 - deserted 24 April 1863
2nd Sergeant: Green Rodes; mustered 19 Sept1862
3rd Sergeant: Robert G. Thurmond; mustered 19 Sept 1862
4th Sergeant: Lewis H. Painter; mustered 19 Sept 1862
5th Sergeant: Wm. M. Duncan; mustered 19 Sept 1862
1st Corporal: John Acord; mustered 19 Sept 1862 - deserted 24 April 1863
2nd Corporal: Joseph Sanger; mustered 19 Sept 1862
3rd Corporal: William Ellison; mustered 19 Sept 1862
4th Corporal: John Dunn; mustered 19 Sept 1862


Acord, Eli
Acord, James
Adkins, Lewis
Adkins, Harrison
Adkins, James H.
Allen, Perry
Allen, Henley
Arbaugh, James
Arabaugh, Michael P.
Argrave, James
Ayers, James H.
Beard, Thos. L.
Birtchfield, Abner
Blake, George W.
Blakde Williams
Bowles, Irvin
Bowyer, Van B.
Bragg, J.E.
Bragg, Hazzard
Burdette, Giles M.
Burdette, Joseph G.
Canada, Jesse B.
Chrone, Michael
Coleman, Charles M.
Coleman, Seaton
Cook, M.E.
Craft, William J.
Crawford, James L.
Davis, Peter
Davis, Samuel
Deen, William
Dempsey, John E.
Fink, Harvey M.
Fisher, Harrison
Fisher, Isaac
Forsythe, Abram
Foster, Andrew A.
Fox, James P.
Fox, Perry
George, Thos. A.
Gill, George
Grimmett, Lewis
Gwinn, A.H.
Gwinn, Marian *
)* Had his belt shot in twain at the waist in skirmish with Blazer's Federals in Green Sulphur District, Summers County, WV)
Hamilton, Wm. E.
Hedrick, David
Hedrick, T.P.
Helvey, Baltzer
Heslip, Joseph T.
Hicks, James M.
Hicks, Michael
Hughart, Wm. H.
Humphrey, Elijah
Humphrey, Lewis
Hunter, Geo. W.
Hutchinson, David
Hutchinson, John A.
Jameson, John W.
Jeffries, Wm. H.
Johnson, Thos.
Johnson, Wm. H.
Johnson, Zachariah
Kelly, John
Kincaid, Harrison
Kincaid, Sampson
Kishner, J.N.
Leach, B.P.
Lewis, Wm. G.
Lusher, Geo.
Marion, J. Frances
Marrs, James
McComas, Burwell
McCoy, Philip
McNeer, John C.
Meadows, Richard
Meadows, Valentine
Miller, John A.
Miller, Wm. E.
Moody, George
Moody, John
Myles, John T.
Noble, Edward T.
Painter, James K.
Pegram, Calvin W.
Peoples, Geo. W,
Poteet, John
Richmond, John
Ripley, Wm. R.
Rodes, James Y.
Rodes, Joel Y.
Rodes, John
Shepard, James E.
Shephard, Wm. M.
Shumate, John N.
Short, Bartlett
Sidensticker, Geo.
Smith, Lewis J.
Smith, Thos.
Stinnett, Wm.
Summerfield, Ben
Surbert, Wm.
Taylor, Thomas
Tincher, A.M.
Toney, Jesse
Toney, Robert
Turley, Samuel
Vandle, Jos. D.
Wade, John H.
Walker, John W.
Ward, Robert
Warden, David J.
Warren, M.M. ** ** These two men were brothers
Warren, W.W. **
Weese, George
Williams, Daniel
Williams, Floyd
Williams, Linus
Williams, Robert
Windson, Anderson
Windsor, Isaac
Wood, Felix A.

Possibly there were many others in this military organization.

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