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To the Editor,ĎSupport appreciatedíTo the Editor,

The family of Eva Galvan Montemayor would like to express our love and appreciation to all our friends and loved ones during our recent loss.A special thanks to Jim Colwell and Deena Bottoms at Good Shepherd Hospice for all the support they showed to our family. Thanks to Tonya Miller and Tammy Laso, Meals on Wheels, Pleasant Manor Nursing Home and to Dr. Jeff Asbury. Thank you James R. Jernigan of Wayne Boze Funeral Home for his patience and understanding during the arrangements.The food, flowers, phone calls and love are all so appreciated.May God bless you all.
Solia Cuellar,Waxahachie

EDITORíS NOTE: The family requested the letter below, written by Mrs. Montemayorís granddaughter, accompany their letter of appreciation. It is a wonderful letter, and we feel deserves to be shared.

To Grandma
Dear Grandma:I know that you canít see this note through your bodyís eyes but you can see it with your spiritís eyes I hope. Anyways I just wanted to tell you how much I love you and how much Iím missing you.Grandma, I love you so very much. When you died I was standing there watching; it looked so very scary that at that moment I wished I were a little kid forever. I saw you smile, every one saw you smile, and when you did smile everybody was so happy because they knew that you were happy. Grandma, I miss you a lot but I know that you canít come back to life even though I want you back. Iím happy for you. Iím happy because I know youíre happy and that you donít hurt anymore. Right now Iím thinking of you and I can almost picture you standing right beside me and if you are standing beside me I just hope you know Iím glad for you and to donít be worrying about us because weíll be okay. I love you!P.S.When I die I want you to be one of the angels who come to get me.

Love, Kristi

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