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Cabe, Henry
Cagle, Clyde
Cagle, Izetta
Callendar, Lottie
Campbell, Dalton
Campbell, Roland
Campbell, Lloyd J. "Shorty"
Campbell, Charles A
Cantu, Otila
Cantu, Pedro
Cantu, Ray
Cantu, David
Cantu III, Andrew
Cantu, Jr., Andrew "Andy"
Capehart, Michael
Caperton, Dorothy
Carlson, Roy
Carmichael, Ruby
Carpenter, Nelda Joycia
Carpenter, Ms. Billie Lew
Carpenter, Doris I.
Carr, Mary Beth
Carroll, Alice
Carroll, Brad Wayne
Carter, Aline Murray
Carter, James Franklin
Carter, Jr., Herbert Tucker
Cassady, Susie
Castillo, Mary M.
Catlett, Billy Joe
Caudell, Marilyn
Cavender, William Charles "Snookum"
Chaffee, Duane
Chambers, Barbara Jane
Chapin, Lottie Grantz
Chapman, Lucy Couch
Charles, Jody
Chatham, Jenny
Cherry, Darrell
Childress, Donald
Chiles, Jr., Willie Brown
Christopher, Susie Lee
Christopher, Andy
Christopher, Alva Frances
Christopher, Elma Lee
Christy, Randi
Clark, Reba
Clark, Alfred Douglas
Clark, Mary B.
Clark, Martha
Clark, Billy
Claunch, Mary Frances
Clay, Leland Stacy
Clegg, Vernadene
Clemons, James Anthony
Clevenger, Doris
Clopton, Pete
Clopton, Lorena M.
Clymore, Carol
Cochran, John
Cockerham, Barbara Jean
Coffey, Wanda Belle
Coffey, Marjorie
Cole, Elba
Coleman, Freddie Farrar
Collinsworth, Patricia
Colston, Lisa Jeanette (Fisher)
Colwell, William Barnes
Comeaux, Amy H.
Compton, Bessie
Compton, Evelyn Lynette
Conder, Billy
Condor, Herbert Bruce "Red"
Conger, Fred
Conyers, Galen
Cook, Clyde
Coppedge, Don
Coppock, John Marcus
Corbeil, Jordan
Couch, Cleo
Couch, Mary Beatrice
Coulson, Marilyn Beth
Coupland, Hoyt
Cowan, Wanda
Cox, Dr. William Gerald
Cox, Ruth
Craven, Evelyn Marie Moseley
Cribbs, Kenneth
Cribbs, Syble
Crittenden, Mrs. Bobby
Crouch, Eula Lucille
Crow, Faye
Crownover, Roy Douglas
Culbertson, Warren A
Cullefer, Henry
Cullefer, Jo Ann
Cunningham, Harriett
Cunningham, Jackie Lee
Cupples, Wayne
Currie, James
Curry, Lois
Curry, Vernelia Jane
Curry, Melvin

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