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Pace, Charlie E
Padgett, David Neal
Padgett, Pierce
Pannill, Jesse
Parker, Betty
Parker, William Randall
Parks, Ruby M.
Parks, Thomas
Parrish, Raymond
Parrish, Edna
Parsons, Anna
Partain, Mark Lee
Parten, William Houston
Pate, Jo Nell
Patten, Dorothy
Patterson, Bertha
Pavlas, Madelyn
Payne, James A. "Red"
Payton, Grady Madison
Pearman, Phillip
Pearman, Sadie
Pearman, Bill
Pena, Lilia
Penner, Leland Ray
Peppers, Mary
Perdue, Jimmy Duane
Perez, Timoteo
Perry, James Brandon
Perryman, Mellie
Peterson, Andrew
Petrichenko, SR., Nick
Petty, Viola
Phillips, Glenda Sue Saylors
Phillips, R. C.
Phillips, Doris
Phillips, Ila Loraine
Phillips, Lesly
Pickard, Lala
Pierce, Sue
Pigg, Dorothy
Pinkston, Josephine
Pinkston, Jack
Pinson, Donnie
Pipes, Jerry Ann
Pittman, Nathaniel
Pitts, Gladys Allene
Pitts, Jim Ferguson
Pitts, Ruth
Plumhoff, Ed
Poe, Bonnie Iva
Pogue, Geraldine
Pope, Danny
Pope, Sr., Thomas Cameron
Popoca, Juvenal
Porter, Maryon
Porterfield, Mary Marie
Posey, Thurman
Potter, Nettie
Powers, Bonnie W.
Praslicka, Stanley
Praslicka, Ann
Pray, Leona Ann
Price, Forrest
Prince, Melvin
Pritchett, Margaret
Pritchett, Robert
Proctor, Brigette
Prude, Christopher
Przybylski, Robert

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