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Rabe, Eugenia Carroll
Ramirez, Rodolpho (Roy)
Ramsey, Alston
Ramsey, Jewell Green
Ramsey, Mary Gwendolyn
Randall, Erma Bell
Ratliff, Jesse
Reames, Bill
Reaser, Donald
Reed, Pauline Reannie
Reed, Uthonia N. (Toni)
Reed, Marie J.
Reeves, Bonnie
Reiber, Dathel
Reid, Marie Irvin
Renfro, James
Reyes, Jesus
Reynolds, Myrtle Lorena
Reynolds, Kelley
Reynolds, Rosanne
Reynolds, Phillip Wray
Reynolds, Beatrice (Aunt Bea)
Reynolds, Robert Earl
Rhodes, Mark
Richards, Dorothy Brindley
Richardson, Amanda
Richey, John "Mike"
Richmond, Barbara
Riddle, Don
Ridgeway, R. C.
Ridgway, Joseph Christopher
Riley, Ruth Hays
Riojas, Timoteo
Rippey, Lucille Morrow
Rippey, Dorothy May
Rittenhouse, Edna
Rivera, Jonathan
Rivera, Luis
Rivera, Alvaro
Roark, Lucille
Robbins, Colby Jacob
Roberta, Shields
Robertson, Jimmie Lou
Robinson, Wallis
Robinson, Mildred
Robinson, Leon
Rochester, Bennie (Beth)
Rodgers, Gerald Wayne
Rodgers, Viola P.
Rodriguez, Guadalupe "Lupe"
Rodriguez, Rogelio Gonzalez
Rodriguez, Antonio T.
Roe, Miles Terry
Roe, Terry N
Rogers, Roland Glen
Rogers, Samuel
Rogers, Herbert
Rogers, Dorothy
Roper, Mrs. Billye Louise
Rosconi, Peter
Ross, Beulah Joyce
Royal, Pearl
Ruane, Mrs. Ary
Ruiz, SR., Jesse
Russell, Ginger
Russell, Marguerite
Russell, Morgan Franklin
Rutherford, Edna Ruth
Rutherford, Juanita

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