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Talmage, Dorothy Juanita
Tapia, Barbara Gail
Tate, Virginia Peavler
Taylor, Margaret
Taylor, Jack
Taylor, John
Taylor, Glenda Johnston
Taylor, Jennette
Teague, Mack
Teague, Ray Gene
Tennery, Andrew
Tennery, Lorene
Tennery, LaVoyce
Tennery, Christine
Tennery, Thomas Odelle
Territo, Dathene
Terry, Mika Michele
Terry, James
Tetens, Donald
Tharp, Leonard
Thaten, Devrah Woznuck
Thedford, Annie Bobalik
Thomas, Elsie Taye
Thomas, Clara
Thomas, Vernon
Thomas, Olga "Augie"
Thompson, Mary Elizabeth
Thompson, Billy Ray
Thompson, Robert Wayne
Thompson, Marlene
Thompson, Katie Ruth
Thompson, Horace
Thorn, Dana
Threet, Marie
Thweatt, James
Thweatt, Leona Amick
Tidwell, Nell
Tilly, Diane
Tims, Frank
Tipton, Beulah
Tittle, James Marvin "Jimmy"
Todd, Sue
Tolleson, Rita
Tomlinson, John
Tompkins, Alfred
Torres, Gustavo
Towers, Rose Mary
Tribble, Ewell
Trigg, Mattie
Trull, Bobby
Trull, Wynell Fay
Tucker, Wilma Wanda
Tucker, Ralph
Tucker, Jennie Ruth
Tucker, Phillip
Tuma, Melba Louise
Turbeville, Melissa
Turner, Mary Catherine
Turner, Rebekah Alyssa
Turner, James Marvin
Turner, Jr, Bennie Hugh

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