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Disposition Options with Cremation

With cremation, you actually have more choices for a final resting place
than with a typical earth burial.


With interment, you can choose burial in the family plot, church garden,
or other memorial site. You can also choose a columbarium,
which is an arrangement of niches, indoor or outdoor, with memorial identity
plaques. This is also sometimes referred to as an urn garden.

Graveside Services

You can choose to have memorial prayers and religious rites performed
at the graveside with cremation, just as you can with a typical earth
burial. You can also choose to have a marker or monument as a permanent
testimony to the life and the history of the deceased, and as a place
of pilgrimage for loved ones to visit.

With cremation, you also have other options that aren't available with
a typical earth burial.

Scattering the Cremated Remains

Options with scattering remains include scattering within a memorial garden or cemetery; with
the comfort of identifying marker, plaque, or memorial book entry to memorialize
the loved one; or over water or in some other site
loved by the deceased.

You can also do partial scattering, in which some of the cremated remains
are scattered and the rest are retained in an urn for interment.

Multiple Urns

Cremated remains can also be placed in two or more urns. This offers
the comfort of interment near more than one family member when families
are divided by great distances.

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